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Andrew J. Cass

From : Andrew J. Cass, Founder of Renegade Entrepreneur University

In the next 5-minutes, I’m going to share with you the Ultimate Shortcut for unlocking NEW Profit Centers in your business that you may not even know exist.

Over the last twenty years I’ve built and developed “three” separate 7-figure businesses from scratch, before the age of 42 (and I’m currently working on my 4th).

In the past eight years or so I’ve generated hundreds of thousands of leads online, converted those leads into Millions of dollars in revenue, and I’ve trained many others to do the same.

In fact, two of my private clients, whom you’ll read about here, just hit the Inc. 5000 List of fastest growing companies in the US. And more are on the way.

Also, during these past eight years, I’ve directed and led a real, in-person LIVE training event each and every month for a phenomenal group here in Miami, FL where I live, known as Renegade Global Entrepreneurs.

It has become known as “The Place For Business Transformation.”

Over 90 LIVE Training Events Condensed…

If you’re good at math, that’s over 90 live training events under my belt. By the way, these live training events have NOT been (and still are NOT) opened to the general public.

This is the ONLY place where I’ve shared my very best secrets, proven sales and marketing strategies, business development ideas and wealth building principals that have stood the test of time, based on my “two decades” of experience.

As one of the few Dan Kennedy Certified Business Advisors in the world, Dan has (thankfully) had a huge influence on these trainings events. If you’re not familiar, he is the undisputed #1 Marketing Strategist and the highest paid Direct Response Copywriter in the world.

In fact, we co-authored a book together, The Ultimate Success Secret. I’ll be sending you a free copy. More on that later.

Money, Marketing & Mindset…

All of this training has been centered on three core, critical concepts: Marketing, Money & Mindset. “The BIG 3”, I call them.

What I’ve found over the past two decades, is that the top-performing, top-earning business owners and entrepreneurs in the world ALL have a plan and a strategy around “The BIG 3.”

In other words, they are Marketing Masters. They know that having the very best product or service in the world is meaningless if know one knows about it and if it cannot be sold.

They view their business as a money-making machine, designed to make a profit, and positioned to convert income into wealth so they can live life on their terms. They absolutely know how to turn Money into wealth,

And they know that personal growth precedes financial growth. They deliberately work on developing their Mindset. In other words, they have an “attitude” and a “thought process” that is primed for prosperity.

I know this too. And it’s why I’ve stayed steadfast in my trainings, never veering away from proven Marketing, Money & Mindset concepts to discuss the latest, greatest, “here-today-gone-tomorrow” topics that pollute the Internet today.

Hundred Of Thousands Of Dollars And Thousands Of Hours Already Invested, So That You Won’t Have To….

In addition to building businesses and sales organizations, I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own training and business education over the years.

And now, for the first time ever… I’ve hand-picked my very best training events from the past few years, had them professionally reproduced in HD quality and neatly organized all into one convenient place.

That Place is Renegade Entrepreneur University…

…The Place Where Ordinary Business Owners Become Top Earning Entrepreneurs.

The Ultimate Business Growth Library…

I call it The Ultimate Business Growth Library. And it’s now open for enrollment!

You can see a full portfolio right below of each and every training event included in The University, with more being added each year. This is over three years in development.

One of my Renegade members, Rjon Robin’s company was just elected to the Inc. 5000 List of fastest growing companies in the US in 2015.

He sent this to me…

“I just added an extra $250,000 in revenue to my bottom line from ONE webinar implementation idea you gave me. Thanks would be an understatement. Our company has doubled in revenue every year since being a part of the Renegade group.”

Another member, Josh Nelson and Dean Iodice’s company will be elected to the Inc. 5000 List in 2016. They’ve followed these training philosophies very, very closely over the years.

Josh sent this to me…

“Andrew, our Internet Marketing Agency grew from ZERO in 2011 to $1.1 Million in 2013, to over $2 Million in 2014, to almost $3 Million in 2015. That’s over a 300% growth rate! Thank you for your mentorship.”

Much of what they did and do as an Entrepreneurs I reveal inside the University.

Success Leaves Clues…

As the saying goes: “Success leaves clues.”

Now, I want you to imagine this…

Imagine being able to leverage “20-years” worth of proven sales, marketing and business development experience all in one place so that you can AVOID expensive mistakes. (Trust me, I’ve made many!)

Imagine having a collection of video training Blueprints at your fingertips, that you can access any time, when you’re looking for your next BIG IDEA, or a proven marketing strategy, or a new wealth building concept…

Wouldn’t it be great NOT having to scour the Internet for answers, most likely unproven answers… NOT having to attend a bunch of webinars every week… And NOT getting overwhelmed, confused and feeling like a deer in headlights?

You’re darn right it will!

Think about how you’ll feel whenever you may be stuck, knowing, really knowing, that there IS a place with answers, with direction, with support and with countless members from around the world who’ve already achieved staggering results due to this info.

The Ultimate Shortcut…

You no longer need to imagine it. Its all here. And it IS the Ultimate Shortcut for unlocking NEW profit centers in your business.

Wanna know how many “separate” training programs you would need to buy to get what’s inside this ONE?

19. At least. And that’s only for now. As we add more and more, that number will increase. But once you’re a member, you never pay another dime for new, current trainings to be added. Awesome, right?


But let’s just say each one of those 19 “separate” training programs cost you, very conservatively, only $300.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not aware of many cutting-edge business growth trainings that are only $300.

Anyway… That would equal $5,700.

The good news, Renegade Entrepreneur University won’t cost you $5700. Although it easily could.

 Take Action!

A Peak Inside The Vault…

Here’s a quick look inside just some of the training events you will have full access to inside The Ultimate Business Growth Library, Renegade Entrepreneur University…

“The 10 Mega-Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (And How To Avoid Every Single One)”

This is a great starting point. Because often times knowing what NOT to do can be just as valuable as knowing what to do. In fact, it’s often times more valuable because it can help us avoid expensive mistakes. This training, no doubt, will do just that.

“The Anatomy Of A Perfect Sales Funnel.”

This is three parts, three separate half-day, in-depth trainings: The Lead Generation & Traffic Workshop, The Multi-Media Selling Workshop, and the Customer Experience Workshop. This series will show you how to sell more with less resistance and at least double your sales! This three-part series alone is worth the price of admission.

“The Profit Maximizer Workshop”

Inside this training event, I dissect 18 Of The Most Powerful And Proven Ideas For Maximizing Your Profits Without Having To Get A Single New Customer. How cool would it be to have the blueprint for increasing profits without having to increase your advertising spend? Answer: VERY. You’ll get it.

Renegade member, Brian Kaskavalcian, just sent this to me…

“This Profit Maximizer training was exactly what I needed! Thanks Andrew. Like most I was focusing too much on new clients and not enough on adding more value to my existing clients to increase my customer value. Big mistake! Just a few of these 18 tips have already made a huge impact to our bottom line. I will be watching this a few times a year just to keep this stiff front of mind. Thanks again!.”

“Story Telling For Ultimate Selling Success”

This full day training will blow you away. And it’s not what you think. The smartest businesses in the world all have a moving story as their foundation. They know that Story Telling offer the best chance at reaching people on a deep, meaningful level that can genuinely motivate them to buy. And become customers for life. They know that facts tell and stories sell. You’ll get the blueprint inside.

“The Wealth Attraction Summit”

I heard my mentor, Dan Kennedy, once say: “It is the job of the Entrepreneur to place himself / herself in the flow of money.” I couldn’t agree more. And with Dan’s guidance in this training event, I laid out the 10 “Wealth Triggers” that will help you do just that.

This is a BIG mindset shift from income-thinking to income AND wealth thinking.

“Time Management & Productivity Boot Camp”

No doubt, we as Entrepreneurs today, are in a perpetual state of overwhelm and information overload. In my twenty years of sales, marketing and business development experience, THE #1 commonality I’ve seen present in just about all the top achievers…

They are militant with their time and they protect their productivity like a fortress. In this training, I reveal the “15 Productivity Triggers” that will give you more Leverage and Freedom than you’ve ever dreamed possible. Imagine eliminating overwhelm and being in full control of each day instead of each day controlling you…

…It’s closer than you think.

“Advanced Pricing Strategies For Marketplace Power & Business Expansion”

Don’t take this the wrong way, but there’s a real good chance your pricing strategy is way out of whack and keeping you from earning what you’re really worth. In this ultra-exclusive training, I’ll show you how to conquer the #1 enemy of maximum profitability – commoditization.

More important, I’ll show you how to become “reassuringly expensive.” Just like a Mercedes Benz. How? By showing you how to unlock the A.C.E Formula in your business – Authority / Celebrity / Exclusivity. This is one of the most important training events I’ve ever done because when your pricing model is right you can do more with less (a BIG shift).

Get Your MBA From This Training…

This was just a sampling of what you have your hands on when you invest in Renegade Entrepreneur University.  Just one idea, one twist, one turn, can (and will) easily pay for itself.

There’s a saying: “little hinges swing big doors.”

I’m certain that if you follow my lead in each of these trainings in each of these three critical categories: Marketing, Money & Mindset, you WILL swing open some big doors. And you WILL get your MBA.

Massive Bank Account, that is…  😉

 Take Action!

Limited Time Bonus… 90 Minutes Of “One-On-One” Coaching…

Renegade Entrepreneur University is new for 2016. As mentioned before, it is a collection of only the very best, hand-selected training events I’ve conducted over the years. Each one designed to take a certain part of your business to a new heights.

For a very limited time, as part of your enrollment here today, you will get TWO complimentary 30-minute Strategy Calls with me. This is a $750 value. First, I’ll literally walk you through the University and show you exactly where to begin and how best to leverage what took me over ten years (and tens of thousands of dollars) to learn!

Second, I’ll analyze your business model, take a peak at your Sales Process and make a few key suggestions. This is a specialty of mine. Even one weak link in your Sales Process can greatly disrupt the flow of money! After you enroll in the University, one of my team members will reach out to you directly to get you scheduled.

Again, this alone is a $750 value.

If You’re Not Already A Sales Velocity Inner Circle Member (formerly Renegade Global Entrepreneurs)…

Great news…

Unlike most online training platforms that leave you on your own to fend for yourself, without much real, live support and coaching…

Renegade Entrepreneur University is ongoing, never-ending access to NEW monthly LIVE trainings, LIVE Calls and LIVE Online Workshops every month…..

When you invest in yourself and get your hands on The Ultimate Business Growth Library, you will get a free 30-day membership inside my Sales Velocity Inner Circle. You’ll get direct LIVE access to me in real time each month, along with multiple, hand selected Experts.

Details below…

  • Private access to my Sales Funnel Mastery LIVE Online Workshop training every month. No business exists for long without a quality, ever growing sales funnel in place. This is where you’ll get it, or dramatically improve on an existing one.

(A $297 per month value)

  • LIVE Mental Toughness Sales Training Calls. You’ll join me on two LIVE calls per month to show you how to step up your communication skills and persuade like a pro. Very few have this skill today. You’ll get it here!

(A $297 per month value)

  • Online Private Members Area where you get the professionally produced replay of the previous month’s Sales Funnel Mastery workshop, our hand-selected Preferred Vendors Partners, carefully researched Million Dollar Resources, the Mental Toughness Training Call archive, and private coaching and mentoring opportunities. (a $97 per month value)

(A $47 per month value)

  • Access to “The Content Bank” – over 1,000 articles and blog posts in hundreds of different categories to fuel your social media reach and explode your results online (a $97 per month value). Consider this your very own Content Marketing Team at your fingertips!

(A $97 per month value)

  • Sales Velocity Insider print newsletter sent directly to your home each month to keep you sharp in between Sales Funnel Mastery online workshops and Mental Toughness Sales Training Calls
  • Exclusive access to private coaching opportunities, mastermind groups, and lifestyle events

That’s is a total ANNUAL Value of $9,153…

So as you can see, there’s a big world here inside Renegade Entrepreneur University. Just one idea, one strategy can make a world of difference in your business.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee…


If for some strange reason you get inside The University and don’t see and experience extreme value over and above the small investment, simply let us know, and we’ll gladly issue you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

I ask one favor of YOU since this is high-level, proprietary, copyright-protected information I am giving you access to…

At least be honest, have integrity, and go through the majority of the training modules and claim your complimentary Strategy call with me.

Fair enough?

Why is it called “Renegade” you may be asking yourself?

Good question…

A “Renegade” is an individual who rejects conventional behavior, a bit of a rebel, an outlaw.

What many don’t realize, is that conventional wisdom about business these days is generally wrong, misleading, primarily derived from Textperts not Experts.

That’s right… “Textperts” not “Experts.”

Meaning, fuzzy headed professors who get their business advice from a text book not real Entrepreneurs who get their wisdom from the real world, the business battle field.

But don’t take my word for it. It’s been well documented that 8 out of 10 small businesses fail within a few short years.

I think it was the late, great Earl Nightingale who said:

“If you want to achieve great success in life, just look at what 99% do and do the opposite.”

When you really think about it, it’s true, more so today than ever… in sales, marketing, investing, in health, you name it.

It’s this “contrarian” approach, this Renegade philosophy, that I take inside my training and coaching programs. ALL conventional wisdom about Marketing, Money & Mindset has been defied inside The University.

Very few will take this road. It’s the road less traveled.

I take it everyday. It’s not always popular. But it sure is profitable.

You see…

These Marketing, Money & Mindset strategies are Foundational concepts. These are at the core of EVERY successful enterprise. They must be at the core of YOUR Enterprise or you are on borrowed time.

I don’t say that to scare you or upset you. Unlike others, I won’t tell you what you want to hear. I’ll tell you what works, and what gets results, regardless of how it makes you feel.

Tough times call for tough talk, wouldn’t you agree?

I recently received this from Wendi, one of my Renegade members:

“Andrew, I implemented your idea from the last training event and I booked 3 new resume clients yesterday! It wound up putting me over $11K for the month of September. Thanks!”

I get these all the time. You can see more of these on this web page.

Very few can match my track record. And track records are everything today.

I don’t tell you any of this this to brag or impress you, but to impress upon you that THIS training platform is the real deal, based on real world experience, real success, and even failures, organized and bundled together inside Renegade Entrepreneur University.

It’s About Integrity, ExperienceBased Results…

MANY sales trainers and success coaches are masquerading as “experts” nowadays, yet they haven’t sold much of anything or had much success in business.

Odd, right?

Not here. Not on my watch. This University is about integrity and experience-based results. Two things lacking, BIG time today.

Now you can see what this IS the Ultimate Shortcut, right?

As I said before, this is three years in the making and countless dollars and hours reproducing these training events and neatly organizing them into ONE giant money-making Vault.

So I invite YOU inside Renegade Entrepreneur University.

Will you accept my invitation?

As the late, great Jim Rohn said:


Your fortune in your business is closer than you may think.

I’m certain I can move you down this path to prosperity faster than just about any other Advisor on the planet.

In fact, I guarantee it..

Don’t envy us. Join us.

I hope to see YOU on inside the University…

Andrew J. Cass

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